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Imani Cartwright left the rough world of her childhood in Virginia almost a decade ago. Among the broken pieces she abandoned were her best friend, Monica, and the ruined young man that swore he would love her forever, Roman O'Malley. Her brother, Tyreke, a passionate advocate who turns to the UFC to save their neighborhood, can't forgive her for leaving. 

She hasn't spoken to anyone back home but her mother for over a year when the phone finally rings, and suddenly the rift between the past and her new life has grown too wide for anyone to cross... But Death. 

When her brother is murdered Imani has no one but old friends and enemies to turn to. Did Roman O'Malley, UFC Prize-Fighter and her brother's former best friend, kill Tyreke? What happened to Monica, the sweet young girl who was Imani's best friend? And if they're innocent, then who killed Ty? 

A Galaxy of Scars spans a decade, an epic love, and contains rough language and adult sexuality and situations. It is meant for mature audiences. 

Genre: literary fiction, interracial/multicultural romance featuring BWWM pairing, suspense 
Length: 123,533 words

Available on in paperback and digital form on Amazon, and in digital form only on Barnes and Noble, Kobo, AllRomanceebooks, and supposedly apple, although I'm having a hard time finding it.

Charlotte Goodtree is all that stands between her family's plantation and destruction. The only problem? She's black. Her family's white, and the handsome contractor responsible for all the damage has no idea how much it's going to cost them both...

Gabrielle Harris is embarking on her first big tour as the opener for a Grammy winning rapper. She thinks he's sexist thug, and he's given up on love after facing terrible obstacles on the stage of life... So why can't they stop thinking about each other?

Lisa Tyrell has climbed the corporate ladder out of poverty and into the corner office--as a secretary. Her boss is a domineering perfectionist that just can't seem to live without her--is it really because she's so good at her job? Or do they share a deep, secret longing, the kind of bond only the most sensitive Dominant can draw out of his submissive...

Each of these strong women walks into a situation where there's no escape from their feelings. Passions run high as time runs out... DEEPER, LOUDER, HARDER is a compilation of three novellas that are available individually as ebooks. JORJA TABU's imagination explores the love between three black women and men of a different color, where no one is who you expect, and the sex follows suit.

DEEPER, LOUDER, HARDER; Lust and Love in Three Stories is available:

Marjie has struggled with her Christian faith throughout college, but it's never been this hard to keep believing. She's still reeling from a bad break-up with an evil ex, worrying about her grades, and regretting the loss of Ahmed--the handsome teacher's assistant that helped her pass Bio 101--when her room-mate demands she have some fun. It's Halloween! If you're going to sin, do it on All Hallow's Eve, right? 

And you are going to sin, if you're going to win... 

Seduced by the prize money for a raunchy contest held at the college's dirtiest frat party, Marjie begins to give way to the devil inside. When she realizes Ahmed is the man on her arm for the night, all bets are off, and this good girl suddenly feels very, very bad. 

But what happens when the sun comes up? Will she run from a chance at true love? Ahmed's lack of faith terrifies her as much as his body and mind entice her... Marjie has to make some hard choices about the woman she wants to be, and the faith she wants to believe in. 

This steamy romance features true love and lust between a good Christian girl and a man of little faith, sparkling green eyes, copper skin, and two Halloweens that will never be forgotten. It contains graphic sexual content and is meant for adults only.

HOTTER is available: 

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keywords: bwwm, bwam, wmbw, ambw, interracial, multicultural, erotica, romance, bdsm, alpha male, spanking, sensual domination, Dominant

"Your clothing is inappropriate," he said softly.  "I believe we covered yesterday that I find that color on you... Quite provoking."  His eyes left the toys in his hands and lit on her face, and the fire in them almost scorched her.  "Take them off.  All of them."

Lisa Tyrell has climbed the corporate ladder out of poverty and into the corner office as an executive secretary. The only problem is her boss, Ken Yamamoto--a domineering perfectionist that just can't seem to live without her. Is it really because she's so good at her job? Or do they share a deep, secret longing, the kind of bond only the most sensitive Dominant can create with his submissive...

This story features sensual domination, office style, and the sometimes terrifying journey of self discovery it takes to be both a strong woman and a dedicated submissive.  For the right man, Lisa realizes she wants to give all of herself to his will, and for the right woman, Yamamoto would give everything.

HARDER is a 20,000 word novella that contains sexual language and situations meant for an adult audience. It is also available as part of the Multicultural Erotica compilation DEEPER, LOUDER, HARDER and is continued in the short story HARDEST, all by JORJA TABU.

HARDER is available:

keywords: bwwm, bwam, wmbw, ambw, interracial, multicultural, erotica, romance, bdsm, alpha male, spanking, sensual domination, Dominant

Your ecstasy is my ecstasy, he'd said, and when he moved within her, clasping her body in his wire tight embrace, she knew it was the truth.

Lisa Tyrell was in love.

HARDEST continues the saga of Ken Yamamoto, the disciplined sensual Dominant in love with his beautiful African American secretary, Lisa Tyrell. After his confession, she still can't believe he could truly be devoted to her... And he is desperate to convince her.  Lisa's burgeoning love of BDSM keeps her from closing the door on an inviting opportunity...

Life in the office will never be the same...

HARDEST is a short story that contains explicit sexual scenes and situations meant for adults.

HARDEST is available:

keywords: bwwm, bwam, wmbw, ambw, interracial, multicultural, erotica, romance, bdsm, alpha male, spanking, sensual domination, Dominant, Harder

"What kind of date would this be?" She wanted to scream yes! as loudly as she could, but it was too much to think he might be serious. Besides, this would end, eventually; someone had to realize the elevator was broken at some point, and when they did, the lights would come back on. No matter how convincing his argument, Sera couldn't let her guard down.  On the other hand, why not have a little fun? It was her birthday, after all.  And she had made that confession to Margot...

Maybe this just was the man to sweep her off her feet.

Sera Tsang is chubby, Chinese-American, and likes to think of herself as sarcastically lovable; her mom says so, anyway, and her best friend Margot certainly agrees.

Constantine, known as Tino, is a male stripper searching for his one true love and lugging along a few issues of his own... Not the least of which is his--ahem--size. You know... Down there. 

When the two are trapped in an dark elevator on Sera's thirtieth birthday, will true love triumph? Or will their opposing obsessions with girth--Sera's with her dress size, Tino's with his manhood--get in the way?

THICKER: A Contemporary Romance is a novella that explores the intersections of endless tensions: interracial love, the meaning of loyalty, and how to accommodate your lover's sexy specs, no matter what they might be.

This story contains explicit sexual scenes, language, and situations meant for adults.

THICKER is available:

keywords: awwm, wmaw, interracial, multicultural, erotica, romance, steamy romance, male stripper

The decision made, Daniel felt his heart unwind and embrace the possibility of love--of shared togetherness, of something deeper.  It had been happening since he first saw her, and now the inevitability of this moment became clear to him.  He was made to be with Charlotte Goodtree, whether she knew it or not.  He hadn't, after all, until just now.

Charlotte Goodtree is descended from the wealthiest white family in the area, and she should be the heir apparent--valedictorian, local historian, and true of heart. There's just one problem: she's black.

Daniel Sage thinks of himself as a red-neck contractor, but nothing stirs his heart like the beautiful woman who wants to rescue the ruined plantation that happens to be his next big renovation project. How can he face telling her why he's really come to Monterray?

When circumstances bring them together the sexual tension explodes into raw ecstasy, taking kinky turns Charlotte certainly never expected and Daniel never dared to hope for--but neither of them is prepared for how that makes them feel.

Will they be able to let go of their inhibitions long enough to fall in love?

DEEPER is a 20,000 word novella that explores letting go of the past, love with a twist, and naughty sex when you know it's right.

DEEPER is available: 

keywords: bwwm, wmbw, interracial, multicultural, erotica, erotic romance, sensual romance, contemporary romance

There it was again--the heat in his look was so intense she felt it bring the blood to her skin.  Just for a second, and then he carefully pulled his mask back on.

Gabby is known as Ghost Diva to her growing number of fans, including Echo, the multi-platinum white rapper that recruited her to be the opening act on his farewell tour. Echo is a legend, but Gabby's unimpressed--she cut her teeth doing slam poetry and has no patience for someone she thinks of as a sexist thug.

Echo's heart was broken years ago, and no one has interested him in the least...Until he found Ghost Diva's videos online. After secretly following her career he finally gets the chance to offer her a big break... But will things stay under control? Or will Echo's careful facade begin to crack as he discovers she's the woman he's been waiting for?

LOUDER is a 20,000 word contemporary romance about a strong black woman making her way in a man's world, and the white kid from the wrong side of town that made it big and falls in love with her.

This book contains strong language and explicit sexual situations. It is also included in the Multicultural Erotica Compilation, DEEPER, LOUDER, HARDER; Lust and Love in Three Stories by JORJA TABU.

LOUDER is available:

keywords: bwwm, wmbw, interracial romance, multicultural romance, sensual romance, rapper

His tongue darted across his lips as he heard the intake of air.  "I couldn't want you like this when we were young.  I didn't know how brave you were, how strong."  I felt weak in his hands, letting them both roam across my torso, tenderly taking me in.  "I couldn't love you like I love you now," he whispered, and then leaned in to kiss my jaw, my cheek, and finally my mouth, the breath still caught in my throat.

Lucy thought she knew what she wanted--out of her small town life, and into the big, bad world. Does she ever get her wish!  Her career as a wild 'Sexplorer' takes her to many countries (and many beds) writing a column about the naughtier side of vacation destinations for a wealthy, filthy website. When she is diagnosed with breast cancer, Lucy finds herself back in the small midwestern town she fled, facing the man she abandoned.

Mike's life on the ranch would surprise her...

Can Lucy forgive herself for leaving the only man she ever loved? On the fateful day she decides to re-read her old articles, Lucy discovers the love of her life has been busy fighting his own demons.

Is this finally a journey they can make together?

FARTHER is a 20,000 WORD novella that explores the consequences of being a woman with a voracious sexual appetite and the redemptive qualities of love.

FARTHER is available:

keywords: sensual romance, contemporary romance, breast cancer, erotica

"This is how I like it," he said softly, and leaned down to kiss her.  The tenderness in his touch was abrupt and almost unsettling.  "This is how you taught me to do it, Lena," he whispered, and she felt his hands creep beneath her and pull her completely upright, so that she was sitting backwards in his lap.  His hands gingerly plucked at her, his lips slid over her collarbone.  

Lena has everything--a beautiful home, a relationship lasting over fifteen years, a life of luxury--and nothing. Her husband's insistence on an 'open marriage' and quiet manipulation has lead her down the path of destructive unhappiness...Until she meets the new tenant.

The shy young man from Hawai'i living in the garden house intrigues her from the first moment she sees his tall, muscular frame, and his golden eyes draw her like nothing has in years. But how can she approach him, when her hypocritical husband commands their attraction forbidden, and she herself doesn't know if she could be worthy...of being The One?

WETTER is a 20,000 word novella exploring the forbidden love between a passionate younger man and a scintillating older woman.

WETTER is available:

keywords: multicultural romance, cougar, may december romance, older woman younger man romance, dark romance, coming of age

Waves of heat rippled over her anywhere his long, talented fingers lay--as they trailed along her spine, or guided her hips over the heated center of his body, as they gripped her while they both gasped--Dallas felt a smoldering heat in her core that had never been there before.
Mercedes Lucibella runs a very exclusive business for very exclusive clients, using her very exclusive pedigree: descended from Cupid, she can tell who everyone's perfect match will be, no matter their species, kink or curse.

When an infamous heiress shows up in her office looking like a sad, scared frog, Mercedes knows true love's kiss is the only way to save her. Buried in her rebellious heart, Dallas Feinholdt longs for her very own rebellious artist--and who is more famous for shocking the art world than Victor Dare, Art Professional?

Cupid's descendant and her latest charge make their way to his grand opening, only to discover that 'rebel artist' is a name more than one man in the room could claim. Can Mercy persuade Dallas to help her mischievous savior escape certain doom... And can he persuade Dallas to let him into her heart?

This short story is approximately 8000 words long and features strong language, explicit sexual imagery, and lusty curse breaking. It is intended for adults only.

ME: Freaky Frog Princess; YOU: Kissable Curse Breaker is available:

keywords: erotica, romance, sensual romance, free ebook, amazon kindle

"Because you must repent," she whispered, rolling her hips again; her breasts bounced slowly as her spine curved, and he could see her hard nipples catching on the smooth fabric. "You must repent your so-called honor.  You must repent the deaths caused by your blindness.  You must repent."  His mouth fell open as the slow warmth in his body fought against the last reserves of strength still binding him to the old way...

Mercedes Lucibella runs a very exclusive business for very exclusive clients, using her very exclusive pedigree: descended from Cupid, she can tell who everyone's perfect match will be, no matter their species, kink or curse.

Her latest case, however, may be her hardest. It's not about race: "it's about magic," he says, and his old fashioned notions of black and white are not the only thing leaving Mercedes's latest client lonely. An uptight knight doomed to immortality--and the last of his religious brotherhood, founded during the good old days of the Spanish Inquisition--is looking for love in all the wrong places; when Mercy interviews him she can tell right away that the lady of his dreams is just a careful set-up away... But can she pull it off?

This erotic short story features a Dominant female on top of her helpless--and helplessly devoted--sworn enemy and soon-to-be slave. It contains strong sexual imagery and language intended only for adults.

Single White Witch Seeks Same is available:

keywords: erotica, romance, sensual domination, Dominant female, Domme, submissive male, fantasy, magic, alternative universe

"You've got to calm down," he said, and the ripple of menace in his voice struck Mercedes like an arrow. That was the problem--beneath the beauty, beneath the calm, striking polish, beneath the angel... Was something dangerous.

Mercedes Lucibella runs a very exclusive business for very exclusive clients, using her very exclusive pedigree: descended from Cupid, she can tell who everyone's perfect match will be, no matter their species, kink or curse.

When Mercy finds herself overwhelmed by an angel's wayward sex appeal, she experiences some out-of-body love on a beautiful beach. But is this angel really who he says? And who is the young woman he's searching for--and should Mercy, against her better judgment, help him out? After all, he's only looking for love...

Mercedes Lucibella's match-making skills are challenged by angelic ethics in this erotic short story meant for adults.

Tall, Demonic and Handsome is available:


keywords: bwwm, wmbw, interracial, multicultural, erotica, romance, free, amazon kindle