Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Available for pre-order: New BWWM Multicultural Romantic Suspense

Because I love this cover so much, I'm going to put it up again... But I'll put it at the bottom ;)

My book is available for pre-order on Amazon kindle!  I decided to try out the KDP program again, which I haven't used in years; the first in the series, Blackstone Fire, will publish on 12/24/16 and is available for pre-order on amazon here.  There's even a goodreads page for it already!  It's like I'm finally learning how to be an author after five years!

If you can't tell how excited I am, you need to go back and count those exclamation points again.

As stated, this book will appeal to the following folks:

  • romance fans
  • multicultural romance fans
  • fans of romantic suspense
  • people who enjoy soap operas with epic family drama 
I hope you pick up a copy for pre-order and even more so, I hope you get a kick out of the book.  

Just sayin'

Sunday, December 4, 2016

BEHOLD! My gorgeous new cover for BLACKSTONE FIRE!


So, my brilliant cover designer Renee Lewin made me this present right here, and it is GLORIOUS.

Description below, pre-order should be up any minute on Amazon Kindle!  The book drops Christmas Eve :)

Darcy and Beau have been best friends for as long as she can remember... But things change between them overnight when Beau loses his virginity to Heather, her older sister's vicious best friend.

Darcy is a tough girl.  She leaves Blue Mountain and builds her own life, but has to return after college to help her mom recover from cancer... And attend Beau and Heather's wedding. 

The last thing she's expecting is for Heather to ask her for a favor--a favor that would give her every forbidden thing she's ever wanted from Beau... And sweep her into a scandalous world of high stakes murder and drama.

How can she say yes....And yet, how can she say no?

Sequels: Blackstone Fever, out 2/1/2017 and Blackstone Forever, 4/1/2017
Genre: Romantic suspense, multicultural romance, family drama
BWWM pairing
Heat rating: 5 flames

Monday, November 28, 2016

New Trilogy Debuts Christmas Eve: The Blue Mountain Dynasty

Maybe four years ago, I wrote down a quick sketch of a couple: a plump, smitten, bi-racial young woman and a tall, copper-toned cowboy.  He owned the stables where she worked; she was totally in love with him; they'd known each other forever and nothing ever happened.  Years later, all of a sudden, it seems (this is how my "plots" develop, if you're interested--characters first, sex second) she is his 'surrogate,' and they're having sex under the auspices of having a baby (he is married to someone else--a bitchy someone else, coincidentally, whose name was originally Tera a la Gone with the Wind) and lo and behold: romance.  Confessional moments, kinky sex, all the good stuff.

And then I sighed and put that away and worked on something else... And then I took a really long break from publishing and then wrote a bunch of experimental stuff and here we are.  Anyway.

I picked this back up after publishing Galaxy of Scars this summer, just going through old ideas and trying to jot down new ones.  For some reason it grabbed me, and burst into not one novel but three--and the plot, originally a simple story albeit somewhat silly and shallower than I could really get into, exploded into a dramatic account of suspense and murder and baby-drama and star-crossed lovers.  Boom!  A trilogy.

It is hilarious to me that Galaxy took so much energy and time and these three books are basically just falling on to the page; that's the difference emotional investment makes, I guess.  These books are just fun to write.  They are ridiculous, dramatic, fast-paced, sexy, and easy to digest, if not to predict.  They are, to quote myself as I wrote to my brilliant cover designer Renee Lewin, basically the old soap opera Passions minus witch-craft and with graphic sex added.  Take that as you will.

I'm publishing Blackstone Fire, the first book in my trilogy, on Christmas Eve 2016.  You can pre-order it before; the sequel and conclusion should follow in February and April.  Boom--boom--boom!

I hope they make you sweat, laugh, and gasp aloud.  Scandal!  Sex!  Secrets!  Very Christmasy, I know ;)

I'll publish an update when the pre-order is up and ready to go.  Happy holidays, my imaginary friends!

Monday, November 7, 2016


After the election I'm going to go off-line for at least a week, probably more like two (and because I'm generally bad at these kinds of estimates, let's round it off at three).  This will not affect your day, my Ukranian friends.  I'm mostly just mentioning it on the very, very off-chance that someone was looking at my NaNoWriMo stats* or interested in the next book I'll be publishing (most likely around Christmas), or anything along those lines.  The internet is a funny place.  Its strange what people notice.

I hope we all survive tomorrow.  Godspeed, my imaginary friends--

*I am not going to be successful with NaNoWriMo as long as WFTDA Championships happens the same month.  I lose three days to obsessively screaming at my laptop screen to 1) awesome skating and 2) the incredible let-down of having to download some obscure streaming service to view the final bouts.  HEY WFTDA!  THIS ARRANGEMENT TOTALLY DISENFRANCHISES YOUR LOYAL VIEWING AUDIENCE!  THANKS FOR HATING ME!  See?  Screaming.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I'm not too excited about this trend

where I say something, and then totally end up doing something else completely.  But here we are, Internets, just you and me.  Don't call me a liar--I'm just a complex person doing their best.  As are we all.

So I'm not publishing the Hard Saga finale first, turns out.  I got really interested in this little scene I started writing four years ago and put away and then found again and well here we are now and it looks like it'll be a novel published around Thanksgiving.  Whew!

Its the first in a trilogy, its chock full of sex and the usual* intrigue and mild suspense, and is a total 180 from Galaxy of Scars, which is what I think really happened.  I think my brain just immediately seized the first light-weight** thing it could and began to gnaw on it furiously.  Just couldn't handle any more deep thinking/feeling/what-have-you.

In real life I can come across like a strange brew of Ron Swanson and Kelly Bundy, so dumping all of my emotional upheaval into the occasional novel is probably symptomatic of not wanting to deal with that baggage like, at all.  So here we are, with me now dumping even my relief at being done with GoS (writing that was kind of like swallowing a bag of katanas) into a book (that is like chasing butterflies across the surface of the moon.  These metaphors will probably work better in my head), which is poetic in its way.  Abregardless, I'll theoretically ask kind strangers if they want a copy to review sometime soon and put something up here when I publish it.  It is also pretty angsty, but seriously, it's like a thousand times lighter.  I do not want to think too hard about what this says about the cumulative weight of my emotional baggage.

*This is sarcastic; I have never written so much suspense oriented material before.  But I'm enjoying it!  I really like the blended genres best.

**I have also read/re-read: Gunnerkrigg Court (from the beginning--dude, it took a week), Oglaf, Teahouse, Her Russian Beast, Alfie, and I also began manically re-watching Parks and Rec (after two failed efforts to engage in Gilmore Girls, getting halfway through AHS5, and about five minutes into the first episode of SPNS11. No regrets).  I might re-read the Darkest Powers series again (it's so damn cute....I mean, if you're me, it's very cute) or Chester.  Haven't decided yet, but filling my head with what passes as sweetness is what I need right now, apparently.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


So, this is exciting: this morning, going through my usual attempt to find some reviewers I think might like my book, I hit a user's 'send message' button on goodreads and noticed, for the first time, the following message:

Note to authors: We don’t recommend contacting users to promote your book or request reviews. Nearly all of our members consider unsolicited messages from authors or their representatives to be spam, and sending such messages may result in your account being flagged.

Ah.  You don't say. ::cringes::  I think I've done this three times, at most, but I feel like an asshole.  Sorry!  Sorry ladies!  I don't know if it was the morning fog or just the general anxiety of asking someone to read a book I've written or whatever combo, but I'm sorry, I wasn't ignoring it, I was completely flaking out.  So that's fun.

I'm still learning how to do this (promotion).  And frankly, my prior method of just doing nothing is looking kind of sweet right now.  (That is the sound of a very long sigh you are hearing).

On a slightly related note, if you have reviewed my book and haven't heard back from me about it, it's because I don't read them at all, good or bad--I have someone else read them, once, in a nice big pile, and pick out what I can emotionally handle hearing (or what complaints keep coming up in a practical sense, like editing glitches or the like).  There's not a lot, to be honest, I can handle.*  I'm very good at internalizing everything, which is terrible for a writer.  Instead, I try to acknowledge the incredible service reviewers do writers and other readers in my approach, and I am sincerely grateful for the kindness of looking at a work that might not have grabbed you if you just stumbled across it on a shelf.  This is doubled for self-published and MC/IR novels.  Thank you so much!

UPDATE 9/20/16: So far I've gone through this process twice--once to get some numbers on my reviews in order to ask for more reviews, and again because I am neurotic.  I would like to very much thank the many patient, incredibly kind people who review and help authors with promotion--more and more show up every day, from other authors to people who swear they will never write and just do this out of the goodness of their hearts.  Thanks for looking out for readers; if you hate my book and I send another cheery email asking you to review a new one, please know that I'm probably not aware you're not interested and don't mean any harm, and also that I really, really appreciate you looking out for other readers.  I'm a reader.  I rely on thorough reviews too.  Thank you for the time you spent on my book, and every book.

*This goes about triply for Galaxy of Scars, which took four years to write and contains about 80% of my guts.  I cannot handle.  I'm a mess when it comes to that book, no lie.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

ARe's Great Big Sale

ARe is having a ginormous sale--if you've got a book you've been scoping and have been waiting to grab it on sale, this is probably a short cut.  Check out the details on the site; they have an Android and an iTunes App also, if you read on different platforms.  I'm going to buy some stuff now, good hunting--