Thursday, September 7, 2017

For those interested--

And I'm not really sure how many folks there are, but on the off-chance that someone is wishing, out there, and looking for the book I promised would be published by the end of August--I'm sorry.  I finished working on the final draft of Hard: Pearl of My Bones, and it still wasn't quite good enough to warrant publishing.  I'm going to shelve it for a while until I can figure out what, exactly, is wrong with it.  It's a perfectly reasonable book; it reminds me a lot of the standard Harlequin plotlines, actually, but I think that's the problem.  Given that this endeavor has moved completely from side-line business to hobby, I'm going to treat it like the passion project it is.  And, frankly, it's just not good enough.

I will make an announcement here when it's done.  Please have a wonderful fall and take good care of yourselves, especially if any of you Ukranians* also happen to be in Florida.  Thoughts and prayers are with you.


*Yes, the majority of readers of this blog, at least according to Google, are still Ukranian.  I find this both very strange and delightful :)