Saturday, April 8, 2017


Please grab your copy on Amazon, and remember, if you're a member of Kindle Unlimited you can read it as part of your subscription.  Included is a copy of the short story, HARDEST, which follows another pair of lovebirds: Ken Yamamoto and Lisa Tyrell.  Think of it as an aperitif, after the insanity of Blackstone Forever (which follows my all-time favorite couple, who can rumble with the best of them).  This is the lowest number of sales I've ever had for a debut release, but I've learned a lot from this entire experience--much of it painful--and I'm just ready for the whole thing to be done.  No hard feelings, Blackstones.

Full Disclosure: The book did go up within 48 hours, but the formatting for Hardest--most likely because it was stored in a Googledoc, which historically has trouble retro-fitting Word--looked like absolute garbage.  So I pulled it and re-uploaded it... But that took me an extra day.

I swear, though, I have probably one of the best excuses ever:

So, if you're counting, yes, I did make a baby and four novels in the last ten months (and yes, you're reading that right too-TEN MONTHS.  This is why there was an overlap with publishing.  Darn kids, they never listen) and yes, I would love your congratulations* :)  Thank you for understanding--thank you so much, so, so much to all of the incredible readers out there who left reviews and encouragement and please, I really, really hope you enjoy this book, now that the series is all wrapped up with a bow.

Much aloha.  Much mahalos.

*And no guilt trips, k?  Thanks in advance.