Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Aftermath, and Other Silly Things

Well, I survived the disaster I made with my pre-order and my unpredictable life back in January.  I have some good thoughts to add to my assessment of KDP, and am very happy for authors that can take advantage of the pre-order function; sales were definitely affected, although I think that is mostly because the book is buried faster.  Without those pre-order numbers, you drop much quicker into obscurity.

In other news completely, look at this cover I made for my book LOUDER, back in... 2012?  Is that right?  Wow.

One interesting thing about KDP Select is how many readers are going back and checking out my older books.  Thank you folks!  If you are enjoying them please leave a review--even now, fans of #multicultural #romance would probably like to know how many books there are out there, even when the books themselves have gotten a little older.  Remember: all of my books are still free for members of Kindle Unlimited.  Go nuts!

This cover was replaced by the very talented ReneeRomanceBooks, who has made all of my covers (since I had the scrilla to pay for covers, anyway--the OG art you are looking at above was the highlight of my cover-making career... Assuming you think this is a highlight ;).

Check out that amazon page; I've published 15 books now, with number 16 still scheduled for 4/1/2017.  There's a lot there to look at, particularly if you are a fan of #BWWM #romance or looking for something with a little angst, a lot of angst, a mystery, an epic, a BDSM filled #BWAM story, or just your average really sweet, really ripped, really big male stripper.  Just sayin'.  Something for everyone.

On to March and more deadlines.  Aloha, imaginary friends--