Monday, February 13, 2017

Blackstone Fever--Please Read If You Pre-ordered!

I have cancelled the pre-order for Blackstone Fever.

I just can't take the chance that you are paying 2.99 for a first draft--further, I can't take the chance that someone else will stumble on the book and buy it while it's still in that form.  I think the responsible thing to do is to take my licks, cancel the pre-order, and do the following:

First: THE BOOK WILL BE PUBLISHED ON THE EXPECTED DAY.  Please don't worry about that--the book is coming out on 2/14/17.

Secondly: If you participated in the pre-order, please e-mail me a copy of the order explaining it's cancellation from Amazon and I will a) send you a copy of this book in e-pub or pdf format, or b) send you a copy of the final book, BLACKSTONE FOREVER, on its due date of 4/1/17.  Your choice, no problem either way.  There were only 29 actual pre-orders, so please send me that e-mail.  I hate to put any of the onus for correcting this on my readers, but Amazon doesn't give authors a preview or list of the buyers.  If you know someone who also ordered a copy, please tell them the same.

My email is

I hate to do this, but I would hate to have you reading a rubbish draft even more.  Please forgive me, enjoy the book, and take care of yourselves--