Saturday, January 14, 2017

Writer's Resolutions

Every year I make a list of the projects I want to focus on.  It is usually bombastic and slightly insane, which are words you may feel free to use in describing me, my Ukranian friends; I'm okay with that.  This year, I thought I'd rein it in a bit and focus on publishing some projects I've been working half-assedly on forever.  In addition to this attempt at direct attention I wanted to focus on heroines and heroes that are members of communities that feel under attack right now.  I'd like to think of this as an offering of solidarity, but people with more insight might just report it is straight up brattiness.  I'm also okay with that.

My proposed project list:
  • 2/14/17: Blackstone Fever
    • My latest BWWM multicultural romance!  I've very excited about this book.  Here's the cover and here is the link to pre-order.
  • 4/1/17: Blackstone Forever
    • The conclusion of my trilogy--cliffhangers can drive me crazy to read (although I adore writing them, apparently) so I am trying to get all of the books out back-to-back.
  • 7/1/17: Hard: Pearl of My Bones
    • The compilation and conclusion of Hardest and Harder, my novella/short story featuring the couple Ken Yamamoto and Lisa Tyrrell.  This is a story that people feel very strongly was waaay too short and I have chosen that to mean that they enjoy reading about the couple.  A BWAM pairing, examines social structures and cultural differences, and, like Blackstone Fever, has light BDSM (and some not-light... You know how it goes).
  • 10/1/17: What the Dark Said
    • This is the completion of the fantasy novel I started about the end of the world.  The first drafted chapter is available on my 'pages;' I'm not sure how it will fare with the readers of my usual work, but I'm going to make it permafree as an experiment and see how it goes.  Why not?
  • 12/25/17: Lord Have Mercy
    • The second book in this series.  I hesitate to talk about it too much for fear of ruining the bizarre plot (it is my book, after all, and I am, as discussed, pretty bizarre).  If I'm very, very lucky, there will be a butt-load of short stories that come out between and around these two books.  I am not often this lucky, but hey.  Like I said: bombastic and slightly insane.
Happy 2017, my imaginary friends!  Onward and upward!

PS: General update: I made three of the short stories that I already had up for years free.  I'm not sure when that will happen on amazon, but they should be free on Kobo and B&N already.  Those stories are part of the universe of What the Dark Said and Lord Have Mercy--and if you are a writer just starting out, let me warn you that readers don't give a shit about your shorts if the novels aren't already out to support them.  Just be careful with your fragile writer heart; I wasn't, and I paid for it.

Also: I am trialing Galaxy of Scars on KDP right now.  If you have access to the lending library please check it out!