Friday, January 6, 2017

Whoa! Pre-Order Update for Blackstone Fever

So, I made a rookie mistake.  I am very sorry if this disappointed someone--there were only 14 pre-orders set up for this book, so hopefully all 14 of you obsessively read my blog and know I feel like a jerk.  Lesson learned--I changed the date of my pre-order for Blackstone Fever and got a spanking from amazon.  No more pre-orders for a year.  The thing is, I did this mostly because I was thinking of the third book--not the second.  I could've totally published it on the first, but I thought to myself, hey, this is Valentine's Day, wouldn't that be cute, and that would allow me to make sure the second and third books are totally reconciled time-line wise, and and and... Completely forgetting about the punishment for changing your pre-order date and also that people who had already signed up would be surprised or hurt by it.  I'm sorry, guys.  Hopefully the full trilogy together will make it worth it.

If you're still interested after that little dust-up, click on the pic below to pre-order for 2/1/17.  Also, in case there's any confusion about it--I am still totally publishing the final book on April 1st, no foolin' (too soon?  I'm sorry).