Friday, January 20, 2017


Yes. Yes, smarter (much smarter) people than me have been telling me I really need to get on Facebook, and I finally am giving it an honest try.  I started a page a couple of years ago, chickened out and killed it, and then asked one of these smart folks to make me a page this fall; finally, doing some research, it appears that if I'm going to run my mouth on twitter and a blog anyway FB is actually a really good idea.  People are connecting there in a way that they just don't anywhere else--which makes sense, of course.

So I joined FB.  I do not know how to tell you how to find me, but if you see a friend request from lonely lil Jorja Tabu, please either say, sure, internet friend, or just gracefully pretend you don't see it.

Oh me oh my.  Here we go.

Important: Galaxy of Scars is still up on KDP, and is free to read for folks with Kindle Unlimited access--please go check it out!  And Blackstone Fever is due on 2/14/17.  Should be fun ;)