Friday, December 23, 2016

Playlist for Blackstone Fire, and other lil thangs--

This is it... My book is going live tomorrow and I'm super excited to be trying a bunch of new things!  Among them:
  1. Amazon's pre-order feature (Makes me feel like a grown-up!) 
  2. Writing a trilogy.  Which really means simultaneously plotting out three separate arcs and several overlapping big ole arcs... I have no idea how well I did this, but was it awesome to try it out.
  3. Going deeper down the path of romantic suspense, which for some reason lately I find really satisfying.
  4. Doing that whole promo thing.  I mean, I'm still pretty crap at it, but I'm doing more than I used to, which was... mentioning that I finished a book on this blog?  That sounds about right.
I hope I built the tension between the books well--I'll spend some time thinking about the process of writing these books and publish that later, but it's important to think of the first book as a beginning.  I love Beau and Darcy, also, but they are the easiest couple to navigate emotionally; the plot and the relationships increase in complexity as the books go on (at least, that's what I intended.  No idea on the success rate there).  I have had an absolute blast writing these, and I really hope that they find an audience.  I miss my old soap operas and I feel like this is the closest I'll probably ever get to finding a usable time machine and joining the writing staff of Passions.

If you have a moment and the inclination, please leave reviews on Goodreads and Amazon!  I'm a chicken and I can't read my own reviews, but I know for a fact that I rely on them constantly for my own reading.  It helps indies immensely to have smart, thoughtful folks take a look and tell others what they saw.  Thank you for that in advance!

And lastly... You know I had to put this up again.  I'm in love with it, so...

Seriously. CTFO.
I'm adding the playlist below and will continue to add songs as I go through my music.  One day, I might even get all extra and actually link to the songs themselves!  Let's not go crazy though.  We all know that kind of organization is above me right now ;)

Please check out my new multicultural romance!  And also, importantly: have a wonderful holiday.

Death Cab for Cutie, Black Sun
Lorn, Acid Rain, Sega Sunset, Cherry Moon, Suicide Note, The Well, No Safety on a Body... (I am probably dreaming with these songs as a soundtrack at this point)
The Weeknd, The Hills and What You Need... This poor guy, there are actually a lot of his songs I could list, but these are the two I actually listened to
Tove Lo, Habits
God-des and She, Love You Better
VAST, Touched
Mindless Self Indulgence, Never Wanted to Dance
Michael Buble/Elvis Presley, Fever (Yes you read that right)
Blue Valentine by Tom Waits (the whole album.  GO BUY IT RIGHT NOW, TRUST ME IM A GENIUS)
It's Okay, Land of Talk