Monday, December 12, 2016

Holiday Multicultural Romance Re-Reads

I've got big reading plans this Chrihannasticeza.  Every year I seem to go back through and re-read a couple of comfort reads I rely on around this time, but this year I'm acknowledging the trend and thinking it out.
  • Theodora Taylor's Russian Series (love 'em, love them all.  Although, after much deliberation, I think I actually like Her Russian Surrender the best.  I am all about the Beauty and the Beast re-vamps, but this is my numba one).
  • Pepper Pace's Beast (speaking of).  I just re-read a big chunk of this, and I usually only re-read the first half--it's such a sweet story (and I've read it no joke like 800 times), so I might get around to it again and I might not, we'll see.
  • Kenya Wright's Santeria Habitat books.*  One of my favorite series--so insanely creative and vivid and I love the heroine, she kicks a lot more ass than most romance leads do.  She sets people on fire!  You know I'm going to love that shit.  And as a bonus, we are looking forward to the next book in the series, which I am desperate to read.*
  • Rebekah Weatherspoon's Fit Trilogy. I've only read this once, so they are due for another look.  Really enjoyed them--her books are all very sweet, a perfect antidote to the constant angst that fills all of mine.
  • Suleikha Snyder's Bollywood series.  Lush, beautiful writing. Only read once, just re-read the first book (and it was just as good as I recalled), so I'm getting around to the second one.
  • And there is always the chance I will re-read Tatted.  I do so love that couple.
I also want to re-visit Laurel Cremant's Golden Pack Alphas, and I want to check out some more of Holley Trent** and Synithia Williams,*** both of whom I've read years ago (year ago?  You get me, too long).  If you aren't following them on twitter you're missing out on some good laughs.  And the last book on this list is Kiru Taye's recent release, which, I'm saying recent, but... I'm behind.  There are others, of course--maybe I'll make that a priority for January--who knows?  My reading habits are seriously delusional and addictive, two words I'm not ashamed to say might also describe my general being, if not, as one might wish, my own writing. ;)

I am, as we all know, a slightly crazy person, so I am planning on doing all of this while simultaneously publishing my new book, Blackstone Fire, while wrapping up its sequel for its publishing date of 2/1/2017 (that one is actually my favorite of the three... Should I say that?  I don't know!  But Beau and Darcy's story is coming out for Christmas, pre-order available now!).  Thank you to all of the amazing writers of multicultural romance out there who create such addictive stories they are worthy of re-reads, and the bloggers and reviewers that help readers like me find them.

*Be warned--these are addictive and the last one's a heart-breaker, so you will find yourself looking just like me, rabid and ridiculous, at even the mention of another book.  Just sayin!

**She has written about a million books, and not even kidding it looks like some of her series are up on amazon right now for less than a dollar.  WHAT IS THAT GO BUY THEM

***She's doing a give-away on Goodreads right now.  This is really happening.