Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Available for pre-order: New BWWM Multicultural Romantic Suspense

Because I love this cover so much, I'm going to put it up again... But I'll put it at the bottom ;)

My book is available for pre-order on Amazon kindle!  I decided to try out the KDP program again, which I haven't used in years; the first in the series, Blackstone Fire, will publish on 12/24/16 and is available for pre-order on amazon here.  There's even a goodreads page for it already!  It's like I'm finally learning how to be an author after five years!

If you can't tell how excited I am, you need to go back and count those exclamation points again.

As stated, this book will appeal to the following folks:

  • romance fans
  • multicultural romance fans
  • fans of romantic suspense
  • people who enjoy soap operas with epic family drama 
I hope you pick up a copy for pre-order and even more so, I hope you get a kick out of the book.  

Just sayin'