Monday, November 7, 2016


After the election I'm going to go off-line for at least a week, probably more like two (and because I'm generally bad at these kinds of estimates, let's round it off at three).  This will not affect your day, my Ukranian friends.  I'm mostly just mentioning it on the very, very off-chance that someone was looking at my NaNoWriMo stats* or interested in the next book I'll be publishing (most likely around Christmas), or anything along those lines.  The internet is a funny place.  Its strange what people notice.

I hope we all survive tomorrow.  Godspeed, my imaginary friends--

*I am not going to be successful with NaNoWriMo as long as WFTDA Championships happens the same month.  I lose three days to obsessively screaming at my laptop screen to 1) awesome skating and 2) the incredible let-down of having to download some obscure streaming service to view the final bouts.  HEY WFTDA!  THIS ARRANGEMENT TOTALLY DISENFRANCHISES YOUR LOYAL VIEWING AUDIENCE!  THANKS FOR HATING ME!  See?  Screaming.