Monday, November 28, 2016

New Trilogy Debuts Christmas Eve: The Blue Mountain Dynasty

Maybe four years ago, I wrote down a quick sketch of a couple: a plump, smitten, bi-racial young woman and a tall, copper-toned cowboy.  He owned the stables where she worked; she was totally in love with him; they'd known each other forever and nothing ever happened.  Years later, all of a sudden, it seems (this is how my "plots" develop, if you're interested--characters first, sex second) she is his 'surrogate,' and they're having sex under the auspices of having a baby (he is married to someone else--a bitchy someone else, coincidentally, whose name was originally Tera a la Gone with the Wind) and lo and behold: romance.  Confessional moments, kinky sex, all the good stuff.

And then I sighed and put that away and worked on something else... And then I took a really long break from publishing and then wrote a bunch of experimental stuff and here we are.  Anyway.

I picked this back up after publishing Galaxy of Scars this summer, just going through old ideas and trying to jot down new ones.  For some reason it grabbed me, and burst into not one novel but three--and the plot, originally a simple story albeit somewhat silly and shallower than I could really get into, exploded into a dramatic account of suspense and murder and baby-drama and star-crossed lovers.  Boom!  A trilogy.

It is hilarious to me that Galaxy took so much energy and time and these three books are basically just falling on to the page; that's the difference emotional investment makes, I guess.  These books are just fun to write.  They are ridiculous, dramatic, fast-paced, sexy, and easy to digest, if not to predict.  They are, to quote myself as I wrote to my brilliant cover designer Renee Lewin, basically the old soap opera Passions minus witch-craft and with graphic sex added.  Take that as you will.

I'm publishing Blackstone Fire, the first book in my trilogy, on Christmas Eve 2016.  You can pre-order it before; the sequel and conclusion should follow in February and April.  Boom--boom--boom!

I hope they make you sweat, laugh, and gasp aloud.  Scandal!  Sex!  Secrets!  Very Christmasy, I know ;)

I'll publish an update when the pre-order is up and ready to go.  Happy holidays, my imaginary friends!