Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I'm not too excited about this trend

where I say something, and then totally end up doing something else completely.  But here we are, Internets, just you and me.  Don't call me a liar--I'm just a complex person doing their best.  As are we all.

So I'm not publishing the Hard Saga finale first, turns out.  I got really interested in this little scene I started writing four years ago and put away and then found again and well here we are now and it looks like it'll be a novel published around Thanksgiving.  Whew!

Its the first in a trilogy, its chock full of sex and the usual* intrigue and mild suspense, and is a total 180 from Galaxy of Scars, which is what I think really happened.  I think my brain just immediately seized the first light-weight** thing it could and began to gnaw on it furiously.  Just couldn't handle any more deep thinking/feeling/what-have-you.

In real life I can come across like a strange brew of Ron Swanson and Kelly Bundy, so dumping all of my emotional upheaval into the occasional novel is probably symptomatic of not wanting to deal with that baggage like, at all.  So here we are, with me now dumping even my relief at being done with GoS (writing that was kind of like swallowing a bag of katanas) into a book (that is like chasing butterflies across the surface of the moon.  These metaphors will probably work better in my head), which is poetic in its way.  Abregardless, I'll theoretically ask kind strangers if they want a copy to review sometime soon and put something up here when I publish it.  It is also pretty angsty, but seriously, it's like a thousand times lighter.  I do not want to think too hard about what this says about the cumulative weight of my emotional baggage.

*This is sarcastic; I have never written so much suspense oriented material before.  But I'm enjoying it!  I really like the blended genres best.

**I have also read/re-read: Gunnerkrigg Court (from the beginning--dude, it took a week), Oglaf, Teahouse, Her Russian Beast, Alfie, and I also began manically re-watching Parks and Rec (after two failed efforts to engage in Gilmore Girls, getting halfway through AHS5, and about five minutes into the first episode of SPNS11. No regrets).  I might re-read the Darkest Powers series again (it's so damn cute....I mean, if you're me, it's very cute) or Chester.  Haven't decided yet, but filling my head with what passes as sweetness is what I need right now, apparently.