Wednesday, September 7, 2016


So, this is exciting: this morning, going through my usual attempt to find some reviewers I think might like my book, I hit a user's 'send message' button on goodreads and noticed, for the first time, the following message:

Note to authors: We don’t recommend contacting users to promote your book or request reviews. Nearly all of our members consider unsolicited messages from authors or their representatives to be spam, and sending such messages may result in your account being flagged.

Ah.  You don't say. ::cringes::  I think I've done this three times, at most, but I feel like an asshole.  Sorry!  Sorry ladies!  I don't know if it was the morning fog or just the general anxiety of asking someone to read a book I've written or whatever combo, but I'm sorry, I wasn't ignoring it, I was completely flaking out.  So that's fun.

I'm still learning how to do this (promotion).  And frankly, my prior method of just doing nothing is looking kind of sweet right now.  (That is the sound of a very long sigh you are hearing).

On a slightly related note, if you have reviewed my book and haven't heard back from me about it, it's because I don't read them at all, good or bad--I have someone else read them, once, in a nice big pile, and pick out what I can emotionally handle hearing (or what complaints keep coming up in a practical sense, like editing glitches or the like).  There's not a lot, to be honest, I can handle.*  I'm very good at internalizing everything, which is terrible for a writer.  Instead, I try to acknowledge the incredible service reviewers do writers and other readers in my approach, and I am sincerely grateful for the kindness of looking at a work that might not have grabbed you if you just stumbled across it on a shelf.  This is doubled for self-published and MC/IR novels.  Thank you so much!

UPDATE 9/20/16: So far I've gone through this process twice--once to get some numbers on my reviews in order to ask for more reviews, and again because I am neurotic.  I would like to very much thank the many patient, incredibly kind people who review and help authors with promotion--more and more show up every day, from other authors to people who swear they will never write and just do this out of the goodness of their hearts.  Thanks for looking out for readers; if you hate my book and I send another cheery email asking you to review a new one, please know that I'm probably not aware you're not interested and don't mean any harm, and also that I really, really appreciate you looking out for other readers.  I'm a reader.  I rely on thorough reviews too.  Thank you for the time you spent on my book, and every book.

*This goes about triply for Galaxy of Scars, which took four years to write and contains about 80% of my guts.  I cannot handle.  I'm a mess when it comes to that book, no lie.