Friday, August 19, 2016

A Galaxy of Scars is UP!

It's done!  It's over, finita, you can find my new book here and here and here and even here.  If I'm really lucky, it'll make it over to apple and in print some time next week.  High five!  Feel free to review it and send it to all your besties and buy extra copies to give to strangers at airports.  What?  Is that weird?

Thank you again to Renee Lewin, book designer extraordinaire.  Thanks again to the Russians that read my blog, if not my books--I less than three you.  I am going to go back into internet hibernation, but still.  <3.

What else?

So many songs informed this book.  Here is a partial playlist, related to each character, without any chronological or other kind of order (I'm sure, if you're interested, you will figure out which relates to whom):

Cannibal Ox, The F Word
Beyonce's Crazy in Love--both the original and the sexy re-make for that movie I forgot the name of
and also of course the cover by Kadebostany
The Glitch Mob, Drink the Sea (album)
Robbie Robertson, Broken Arrow
Pet Robot, I'm Alive
El-P, Time is Out of Joint
Lucero, Slow Dancing
Outkast, Elevators
Warpaint, Billie Holiday
Milo Greene, Autumn Tree
John Legend, Made to Love--NPR's Tiny Desk version is the best, just saying
Jeff Buckley
Fantasia, Without Me
Scream Club, And You Belong
Miguel, Sure Thing
Lauryn Hill, Sweetest Thing
Giles Apap and the Transylvania Mountain Boys, Valse Triste
Grizzly Bear, Ready, Able
Method Man and Mary J, You're All I Need
The Mighty Hannibal, The Right to Love You
Rolling Stones, Miss You
The Walkmen, We've Been Had
Justin Timberlake featuring TI, My Love
The Toadies, I Want Your Love
Estelle, American Boy and Come Over, though not back to back, come on
Lissie, Everywhere I Go
Mary J. Blige with that scrub, Wyclef, 9-1-1
The Platters, I Only Have Eyes
Foxy Brown, Candy
That Mr. Little Jean's cover of The Suburbs
The Pixies, Hey
Erykah Badu... I mean.  Yes, just Erykah Badu, but perhaps with a special emphasis on her spot with the Roots, You Got Me
Enon, Cruel

Should I keep going?  I guess it's my blog, I can do what I want.  Here ya go, my Russian friends:

Meshell N'Degeocello, Bitter (and again, the whole rest of that album, really)*
Lorn, Acid Rain
The Band, It Makes No Difference
Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra, The Killing Type
Jason Molina, Lioness
and for the honeymoon sequence, Magic City Hippies, Fanfare and Slowly by Tricky.

*Yes.  I am old.  I say 'albums.'