Thursday, September 11, 2014

So... I'm writing another book.

 I mention it to ask about ARCs.  If anyone is interested in reading a MC/IR romance/suspense-ish that kinda reads a bit more like literary fiction with an erotic undercurrent or something it's-hard-to-describe-your-own-book... Let me know.  First three comers will be accepted, apologies to all else.  The book should be ready to send out sometime late in November, maybe December, and I would appreciate honest reviews published on blogs, amazon, goodreads, etc.

The all too brief summary I have up right now is: When her brother is murdered, successful but spiritually starved film-maker Imani returns home for the first time in years, determined to uncover the truth. The prime suspect is her brother's best friend, and Imani's first love--Roman O'Malley, a contender for UFC heavy weight champion. Is it possible to right the wrongs of the past?  Doesn't quite do it justice, but it fits for an informal intro.

Head's up: if you are not comfortable with epic love stories filled with angst, heavy sociopolitical commentary, character deaths, or MC/IR romance in general, this is not a good fit for you.  I would love someone who is interested in all of the above to get a look, though.