Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Update: Activism and also, I am Crazypants with Ambitions

So, I have lost my mind again and am committing to a ridiculous, unrewarding task that is sure to end in tears and (probably) bloodshed: I started a blog that will have an episode by episode feminist critique of the show Supernatural.

Also, since if you're going to commit to insanity you should just go whole hog, I'm reviewing Horror movies on another new blog with my lady eyeballs here.  I can't help it.  This probably should've been the blog I started in the beginning, but, hey, live and learnmake stupid mistakes and live again.

Also also: this was in my inbox, I apologize for the late notice, and please forward accordingly:

A Training for Advocates and Protective Mothers
Friday, May 9th, 10am to 4pm
George Washington University Law School
Moot Court Room 101, Lerner Hall, 20th and H Streets
2000 H Street, NW, Washington, DC 20052
The NCADV and Battered Mothers Custody Conference will sponsor an advocate training designed to help protective mothers.  The training will occur on Friday, May 9 at George Washington University Law School from 10 AM-4 PM.  The law school is located at 20th and H St. NW in Washington, DC.  This is a critical issue to the battered women's movement because the success of abusers in manipulating the custody courts to regain control over their victims has undermined our work to prevent DV and reversed the downward trend for DV homicides.  We are excited that new research, especially the ACE research and Saunders' study is now available to help reverse the disturbing trends in the custody courts' response to DV.

During the morning session, Barry Goldstein will share information about current scientific research that demonstrates the enormous health risks to children exposed to DV and how the inadequate training and other flaws in the courts' response to complaints about DV and direct child abuse frequently result in courts disbelieving or minimizing true allegations of abuse.  Rita Smith will discuss the best ways for advocates to help protective mothers facing common abuser custody tactics.  Kathleen Russell will offer ideas for informing the community about the failure to protect children in DV custody cases and the best ways to seek the needed reforms.

The afternoon session will provide advocates with training to obtain certification as an expert witness in DV. Although the courts have tended to look to mental health professionals for DV expertise, which is one of the reasons they get so many cases wrong, the Saunders' study from the US Dept. of Justice confirmed what should be obvious that DV advocates have exactly the training and experience in DV that courts need to recognize and respond effectively to DV custody cases.  Advocates will learn the requirements to be qualified as an expert witness, how to answer questions from supportive and hostile attorneys, current research that can support protective moms and the importance of the experience advocates already possess.  Training of advocates to be expert witnesses will give protective mothers access to genuine DV experts and help educate court professionals about information that is critical to protecting children.

The training is free and advocates can participate in all or part of the training.  There is a $10 fee for the certificate from the NCADV and BMCC.  For more information check out the BMCC web site at   

Please register so that we have an idea how many advocates will be attending.   

Any questions can be directed to Barry Goldstein at   

The training is part of a group of activities that include the Battered Mother's Custody Conferenceon Saturday the 10th, rallies on Mothers' Day the 11th and a Congressional Briefing and lobbying on Monday the 11th.