Friday, March 21, 2014

So. About that.

I'm working on some stuff.  Writing, ugh, what can I say--I just can't seem to quit.  Even when I swear I will.

Ugh.  La vie d'artiste.  Or something.

I wish I looked that elegant when I'm complaining, but my life is not actually a jersey-swathed pile of pearlescent swoonage.  I look a little bit more like this:

There.  Much more accurate.

Anyway.  I hope everyone in Internet has been feeling good and being bad.  It's a funky time of year.  I always think of February as the Dream Quest season, for better or worse; I'm always visited by my best and worst intentions in that rainy, dreary month.  It's a month full of personal wonders for me, too, but it always has a couple dark moments.

Anyway again.  I'm going to crawl back to Internet more regularly, which I cannot quit any more than I can quit writing.  Not permanently, anyway.

Aloha, imaginary friends--