Saturday, November 16, 2013

Second Pop! Justice Blog Carnival Coming Up

Aloha imaginary friends!  I am hosting POP! Justice this month on my humble (and questionable) blog.  Deborah Pless of Kiss My Wonder Woman is still the showrunner here, but on November 30th the links will be here on my blog for your careful perusal.

This month is Native American Heritage Month, so the topic is Indigenous Peoples in Genre Fiction--but the academic bent of the title does not necessarily have to apply to your piece.  If you're interested, send a link to the blog or article you've written to Debbi at, and on November 30th I'll put up a post with everyone's contribution.

There are a number of people I follow on twitter or who write MCR or any kine I'd be interested in hearing from.  Holler, y'all.

Here is Debbi's post.

Also and PS: I just wanted to re-post this link from fellow MCR writer Kenya Wright and New Adult writer Megan D. Martin for a give-away/up-coming book release.  I'm a fan and that is a big-ass gift card :) (though the two are not actually related).