Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Blazin' Kobo

My books are currently unsearchable on Kobo.  They've apparently adopted a scorched earth policy in the wake of some search engine mix-ups that brought up gross porn in connection with children's books terms (I'm paraphrasing, but yeah--there's no right or wrong here, to my mind, just bad IT.  Lots of people are having lots of Feelings about lots of these elements; not here, so much.  I think its bizarre that Smashwords, who can't get past their almost unusable meatgrinder technology, has more advanced and better organized porn filters and a tidier search engine).

I'm not going to take the links down, in the hopes that they will someday love me again.  I'm sentimental that way.  But just a heads-up, for any Kobo users out there (waves to Canada and New Zealand).

In the meantime, I suppose it is a good reason to try and start exploring the rest of my options.  Anybody got a mac they want to give me?  No big d--I'll give it back as soon as I upload to Apple.  Promise.  Also: anybody know any good tricks to uploading to the meatgrinder?  Because oh. Em. Gee.

Alright imaginary friends.  Back to the grind.