Saturday, September 28, 2013

HOTTER: New book! I finally did it! I FINISHED ANOTHER BOOK!

Barnes&Noble (coming soon)
Kobo (coming soon)

Aloha, imaginary friends!  It has taken two years, about forty drafts, one car wreck, and a twelve month move, but hey!  I finally wrote another book.

And this one is a bit more of a book: 36, 337 words, with another sexy cover from Renee Lewin.  If you were wondering why it cost 2.99, that is the reason: it is novel, not novella.

This book is about Marjorie, known as Marjie to her friends; a native of rural Southwest Virginia, she has been raised to believe in Creationism, that homosexuality and holidays are sinful, and her choice of an English degree is dangerous.  By her senior year, however, she's changed quite a bit, and her bisexual best friend/room-mate insists on a night of Halloween partying to perk up her melancholy mood.  Marjie's still angry with herself for dating Graham (a Jerk), and losing a relationship that meant a lot to her because of it: Ahmed, the sinfully sexy Bio TA that was raised Muslim and became an atheist.

Dressed as showgirls, Marjie and Chelsea end up at the raunchiest party on campus, home to a hellacious contest with a ten thousand dollar prize.  Seized by sin for the first time, Marjie wants to win...  And with Graham's petulant antagonism egging her on, she can't say no to her nomination.  

But when Ahmed turns up, Marjie is swept away by a whole new set of sins...  Lust foremost among them.  

What happens when the lights go out?  How can this woman of faith reconcile the needs of her heart and her body?

I hope you like it.  I was poking around for another multicultural/ Muslim/Christian romance and the only one I found was here:  Looks like an interesting read.  I, for one, am always prone to smittenhood when it comes to gorgeous Egyptian men (go ahead, google it, you know you wanna) and any kind of gorgeous, for that matter, so I greatly enjoyed writing this book.  More on the thinking parts later, though; for now, I'm just trying to enjoy scratching this one off my list.

Enjoy!  And hey--Halloween's just around the corner!  Bonus!