Thursday, September 5, 2013

"Full Blown Canadian Sex Obsession"

My efforts at finding a fellow nutbag by googling "full blown Canadian sex obsession" yielded less than satisfying fruit.  However, I figure if I continue to advertise my id as hard as I can, someone else will speak up eventually.  It's cool.  We can be friends.....first.

I am trying hard to meet my arbitrary and self-imposed deadline.  A small sample of the other stuff I find online (and like, and am not actually joking about, unlike 9/10ths of everything else I say):

interesting porn:

bill watterson zen pencil:

@ liberian civil war, pulitzer play "ruined":

and because the last one is sad, here is a cheerful picture of someone gorgeous being awesome:

Come for the eye-candy, stay because she's a genius.

Okay.  I should probably finish that book or something.

edited later to add: I am not (sigh) going to publish the book this weekend.  I can already tell.  I got a lotta re-writes to do on it but I think in the end it will be a much, much more interesting book, and I just can't publish something I wouldn't read.  So yeah.  In the interest of quality, I'm pushing my deadline back another week.  Who knew how humbling missing a deadline posted on a blog nobody reads would be?  But it is, imaginary reader, oh, it is.