Friday, September 20, 2013

Facebook! Goodreads! Oh my!

I am really intimidated by social networking sites (with the notable exception of twitter...Probably because I am always at least half certain whomever I'm interacting with there is probably a really witty bot).  And I am hesitant to add something else to my epic To Do lists (I'm still looking at you, Hotter).  That said, these are now a thing.  If you, imaginary reader, might be in to such things.

I have to be honest: I am terrified of the UIs for these sites.  Especially FB.  So I really don't want anyone to think somethings up if I don't respond to stuff there, or miss things, or am just generally not present.  They just seemed like a decent place to let people who might be interested in my writing know what's coming up (I'm still still looking at you, Hotter).