Monday, August 5, 2013

Punk Rock

I know it's not cool, or whatever, to like Kanye West.  White people have never gotten over his declaration that the president didn't care about black people (even if they got a kick out of it; ask the some of the same folks laughing to talk about the Trayvon Martin verdict and get ready to be confused as hell) and nobody can get over the absolutism of his arrogance.

I remember The Wire, back when he was new and a big deal because of his cleverness, his weird suburban-esque sounding lyrics, his middle-class boredom and disenfranchisement (although I don't think he advertised himself as such).  I liked his music okay.  He is very bright, always has been, and he's not a snob at all in person (apparently, per first person report).

But I honestly love Uber-Famous Kanye West.  I watched the SNL performance of BLKKK SKIN HEAD and I don't think we have had this intense a mix of fame and talent and general fuck-you-ness since...  I don't know.  Madonna?  And before that, Bowie?  Rick James?  Sly Stone?  The Stones?  There are tons of amazing musicians who level that kind of intensity and devil-may-care at the audience, but on the same huge scale?  I have trouble remembering any recent ones.

Get it, Kanye.

But this little horror movie he made (of course) won me over years ago anyway: