Saturday, June 1, 2013

Push Girls

So I've returned to television, after about a week away; I was chilling with my family for a while, devouring endless episodes of The Mentalist and Castle and Bones (no regrets, darlings, in case you wondered) but now I once again have access to my Netflix addiction and am being fed perfect toxins due to ridics datamining diligence.  HOLY CRAP this is a time suck.  I have three books that are between 50 and 75% done and finally some time to focus on them and guess what....

I've got to say, my favorite time suck of all (even though my steady diet of Horrordorkness continues in between) is the show Push Girls.  I have a family member and a very close friend that are paraplegics, among other points of interest, so I wanted to check it out as soon as I knew about it, but I couldn't have guessed it would suck me in so bad.  I was expecting some kind of RealWorldHouseWivesSwapSurvivor thing but this show is all about positive, super uplifting female friendship.  That's really it.  It is exactly the opposite of every other reality TV show I've ever watched (which, admittedly, is only bits and pieces of most of them between larger bites of the trinity mentioned above).  You watch it and afterwards all you want to do is call your best friend.  It's awesome.

So there's that.  At some point I guess I'm going to publish something.  I hope.  But if I don't I'm just chilling with my new pseudo-buddies, who are basically living beacons of light.