Saturday, March 23, 2013

Revolutions 20:13

I just re-read a journal entry from last year, when I was super stressed out.  In an attempt to problem solve, this is what I wrote: 

"  i just can’t get over it.  i wonder what erykah badu would do?  probably light’em up on twitter.  what would winona laduke do?  she’s too busy changing the world to notice that kind of bullshit.  what would aimee mullins do?  say fuck em and go running.  i should do all of that, minus the liting twitter bit.  that would probably backfire.  

although its definitely tempting. "

In retrospect, I think it's pretty safe that after giving them the rawest, truth-tellingest telling-off the twitter-verse ever seen, Madame Badu would probably forget about their insignificant asses.  If they happened to stick to her memory, they would be subject to incantation, prior to dismissal.

I wish I had that kinda power.  But I can damnsure choose some role models.