Sunday, December 23, 2012

This is why I love the Internet (and am also a person of Dubious Character):


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    General Comment:like all the other songs, you are all getting it terribly wrong. This song is not about woman of any sort, but remembreing the past and how beautifull it once was.
    "The little house on Ellis drive
    Is where I felt most alive
    The oak tree covered that old Ford
    I miss it, Lord
    I miss it, Lord"

    "Violent colors so obscene
    Is all I see these days
    These days "
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    General Comment:Without further explanation from the artist himself, who among us has the right to assert the original inspiration and intent of a songwriter's lyric. Absent that, we have only the lyric to speak for itself, leaving the listener to interpret and fill in the blanks, each according to his own experience.
    In that process, we identify with a song for what it means to our individual lives. This should not be confused with discovering the personal thoughts of the artist conveyed through written word. Such arrogance leads to misinterpretation.

    Of course, some songs are singular in meaning and self-explanatory. Yet others can be complex, simlutaneously layered with specificity and generality allowing the listener to experience an individual inspiration that he/she can identify with through their own life experience.

    But capitalism in Los Angeles? Oi ve
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    General Comment:wow, artslut, way to project all over your interpretation. this song mentions nothing about women. the singer is bemoaning personal choices he's made which have taken him so far away from innocence... that's it. women are in there along the way, i'm sure, but that interpretation borders of misogyny, and I never considered the Black Keys misogynistic.
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    My Interpretation:unlike artslut, i don't think this song is about a woman at all.

    my interpretation of the song is it's a man reflecting on his past - and that he feels as though maybe he's changed? "the little house on Ellis Drive, is where i felt most alive" back then, he was carefree and 'good' - but throughout his life he made bad choices that make him see himself as 'evil' "wasted times - broken dreams - violent colors so obsence" and he's trying to warn others, maybe a younger generation to be careful ("watch what you say, the devil is listening, he's got ears that you wouldn't believe") of your choices because you can easily become consumed / corrupted.

    i'm sure i'm completely wrong, but those are my thoughts. this quickly became my favorite song off of the Brothers album.
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    General Comment:Basically warning other dudes that women are the devil and will only lead to pain and regret. In fact, that's pretty much what the whole album is about. There will be good memories as well, but bittersweet, naturally. This song being the final track on Brothers is perfect. The album opens on such a seemingly positive note, and ends on this lovely downer, it's pretty great.

    TBK have never blown my mind lyrically, but they seemed to get everything right on Brothers. Not that all the lyrics were that complex, but it's impressive how they manage to both curse women and praise them at the same time. Actually on this one they're cursing the devil for leading them astray leading to the lamenting the loss of the one they praised.

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