Tuesday, December 18, 2012

American Horror Story and the Ladykillers

This is how I feel whenever I see Zachary Quinto's eyebrow(s).
I love American Horror Story.  Why?  Because I'm a Horrordork, and a cinephile, and there was even, once, long ago, a time when I loved Glee.  But mostly because I'm a Horrordork, capital H, no hyphen.

I'm devouring the new episodes as they come in, and it got me to thinking.  There are several 'traditional' horror trajectories, for lack of a better word.  They usually involve a female protagonist--who is also, usually, the morally righteous, kinda Mary-ish archetype--and a male murderer/monster/murdermonster.  And then, as extra, there might be a guy who saves the girl, even though he himself is not morally pure overall, because nobody wants to watch movies about morally pure dudes.

Morally ambiguous panty-dropper Evan Peters.

Who is the good girl on American Horror Story?  Is it Alma, the mysterious wife, future star of hundreds of Evan Peters based IR fanfics (and can I just say yes please)?  Is it the lesbean journalista?  It is not allowed to be Jessica Lange, because I love her bad--please don't interfere with this preference with something so banal as 'reality,' come on--and it can't be the other nun, 'cuz she's bedeviled.

This question is important, because I am preparing an epic story map of all things horror, and this season doesn't quite fit.  

Season One?  Easy.  The Good Wife.  Season Two?  No idea.

Just something to think on.  

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